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Blooming Diffuser Liquid Fragrance 150ml NO.0

[No.0] The “0” for “The Fragrance of Life” is Lake Yamanaka, the land of craftsmanship. The cool air and water, the trees and moss that spread at the foot of the mountain. Gracefully blending with nature.


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[How to use]
Pour the fragrance into a dedicated container* and insert the stick into the container to use. (Container/stick sold separately)
*One small container holds 150ml.
*Two large containers hold 300ml.

[How to pour into the container]
If the mouth of the container is small and difficult to pour, you can peel off the bottle label and use it as a funnel.
For more information, please see the Tips on the Blooming Diffuser page.
*Please be careful not to let the fragrance come into contact with clothing, furniture, etc.
*Please rinse the used funnel and the bottle that has been used up with the fragrance thoroughly and dispose of them according to the instructions of the local town or village.