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SCENE07 UBU 5 Brushes & Stand

This 5 Brush basic set is composed of Goat and Synthetic hair.
Packaged in an attractive gift box which includes a Brush display stand to hold your brushes beautifully.
A gift of luxurious touch for your precious one.

Set Content
801 Classical face Brush
Classical face brush with brilliant design that is a renaissance of the original. Placing powder beautifully, naturally finishing the foundation, blushing and even shading. An amazingly handy brush.
Usage: Finishing, Foundation, Cheek or Shading
803 Blooming face Brush
Slightly honed shape of the Blooming face Brush that colors your skin brightly. Soft supple goat hair allows for exceptional blush powder application and airy glamorous color.
Usage: Cheek, Finishing or Foundation
810 Mineral foundation Brush
Foundation brush with a well-equipped round shape and dense hair tip. Loose powdery or solid type foundation can be matched to this brush and achieves a well covered base make up finish.
Usage: Foundation, Finishing or Cheek
821 Touch up Brush
With a dense, flat shaped tip that corresponds perfectly to the skin, the Touch up Brush is the perfect blend of pony and synthetic hair. Its elasticity is great for applying concealer. Great for firm application of eye color powder as well.
Usage: Concealer, Eyeshadow or Highlight
824 Smoky eye Brush
Our Smoky eye Brush is best for applying smoky eye color. Sensitive hair creates a deep but natural gradation on the eyelid. Great for eyebrow color blending with a natural look.
Usage: Eyeshadow or Eyebrow
DST3 Brush display stand 5
The Brush display stand 5 beautifully holds your UBU brush series in a vertical position.
The stand is made from natural walnut wood like our brushes, and finished in a sophisticated and uniform design.
Conveniently designed to store different thickness brushes using spacers.
Gift Box: Paulownia wood
Box: W209×D44×H220mm


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