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1# Nota Di Viaggio

The initial notes are spicy-citrus, this top note agreement is given by the Bergamot, the black pepper and the grapefruit and they illustrate the harshness of Meo’s first meeting with the city with 3000 Mosques. As the minutes pass, the top note evaporates and leaves space for the warm heart note, the initial harshness and sharpness of the first few minutes make room for the warmth of the Ylang-Ylang flower, the reassuring scents of the odorous Geranium and Rosewood. By now, the scent tells not only a physical journey, but also an intimate and spiritual one.

Top Notes: grapefruit, black pepper, bergamot
Heart Notes: ylang-ylang, geranium, rosewood
Base Notes: benzoin, vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense


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‐ Nose – Guiseppe Imprezzabile
‐ Unisex fragrance
‐ Parfum concentration
‐ 80% alcohol of vegetal origin
‐ Made in Italy
‐ 100ml