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Annicke #2 – 30ml

Annicke 2 is the perfect combination of elegant notes of immortelle, cedarwood, and mandarin, all combined in an exclusive travel format.

Inspired by the Luxembourg garden (Paris).
Warm pleasure and interior elegance.

Eau de Parfum
Volume 30ml.


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Top notes: fig, madarin, hazelnut
Heart notes: immortelle, tuberose, ylang-ylang
Base notes: cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla

Notes of Fig offer a fruity impression while Hazelnut adds a delicate touch of sugar. Sweet and herbaceous notes of Immortelle entice him with a fascinatingly rich, sexy, desirable aroma. Heavy yet sweet and fruity floral notes of Ylang Ylang evoke an innocently erotic aura. Gentle, effortless notes of Sandalwood caress this assortment of sweetness, creating an undeniable allure.