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ANTE body scrub

Apply to the wet skin with circular movements and then rinse, can be used before or during shower or bath. Suitable for all skin types and daily use. Keep the product at room temperature and avoid exposing it to temperatures over 40°C. The emergence of a light layer of oil does not affect the usability of the product, it is due to the natural production method.


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Whenever we decide to move, to take on a new action, we need to prepare – we have to set our mind and body ready for the next act.

Body scrub ANTE is a phase of preparation for the newness that follows along.

It opens your mind and skin pores. ANTE cleanses, lightly exfoliates the skin, and enhances blood circulation. This body scrub draws out impurities and removes the dead skin and replenishes the skin with precious organic oils. All ingredients are derived from plant-based sources and have a soothing effect.

This cleansing is based on sugar pearls and keeps your pH-value balanced while nourishing, perilla seed oil will help to regenerate the skin cells and give anti-inflammatory effect.