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Incense Cones – Jasmine

Welcome to the world of Nippon Kodo Kayuragi, where fragrance “ka” meets with slowly wafting scented smoke “yuragi.” These incense feature the glorious splendour of jasmine. Inspired by Kimono fabric the packaging for the Kayuragi collection is smooth with eye catching colouring.

Crafted in Tokyo, Japan.


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‐ Wooden box with sliding cardboard case
‐ Includes 12 cones
‐ Includes mini metal incense holder
‐ Burn time: Approx. 9min
‐ Expertly crafted in Japan
‐ 6cm x 5.5cm x 6cm

How to use

Cone incense burns quickly and strongly and is easier to use than other forms of incense as it does not scatter ash. To use light the tip of the cone and blow out the flame. Place the cone in an incense holder when burning.