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Natural History Museum Acacia Candle


At first, one detects a verdant coolness, revealed by green notes from violet leaves. The scent then releases multiple golden floral tones, sunny and honey-filled, that echo its sweet smelling blooms, whose aroma resembles that of an orange tree. The acacia absolute’s round, enveloping character awakens powdery notes, both green and flowery. Colored illustrations from botanical plates dating from the 19th Century appear through the matte, jade green tinted glass. In the center of the octagonal label, we find an Acacia branch printed in gold embossing


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This establishment is the metamorphosis of an older “utopian garden”, the Royal Garden of Medicinal Plants, which already provided knowledge to the scientists who administered it, and which had been created in the 17th century on the land of Alez where, in the 16th century, the philanthropic apothecary Nicolas Houël gave courses in herbalism. On this site, the tradition of teaching natural history therefore dates back almost five centuries.