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OPUS 1144

Top Notes: Bergamot, Elemi, Jasmine, Mandarin

Heart Notes: Cashmere wood, Iris, Orchid

Base Notes: Ambergris, Benzoin, Leather, Sandalwood, Vanilla, White Musk


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Opus 1144 celebrates Gothic art, a very complex and diversified phenomenon that concerns all aspects of artistic production. The official birth of Gothic art was the year 1144 in France. From there, it spread all over Europe, diversifying and adapting itself according to local customs and traditions. UNUM wanted to consecrate Opus 1144 as a Renaissance, adding meanings and symbols to their olfactory range, making the scent unique and unrepeatable. All the drama of a diva, Opus 1144 comes bedecked with the sparkle of citrusy gems atop an opulent gown of sumptuous vanilla and heady jasmine. A soft veil of benzoin and iris powder masks her eyes; while sexy ambergris from the Indian Ocean, rich in pheromones, drapes around her shoulders. Its grey colour is connected to the leaden sky of Normandy, the place where Gothic art has its roots. Ripples of smoky leather, dark resins, vanilla, incense, and spicy sandalwood swirl at her feet.  Decadent, alluring, sophisticated, and extravagantly rich, Opus 1144 takes French classicism and gives it a modern gourmand twist. At the same time, its lush femininity is layered with darker, drier, and more masculine notes that slowly rise to the surface, lending the fragrance a unisex appeal. Opus 1144 knows how to make an entrance, but it will sweep you off your feet from start to finish.